Terms of Use and Privacy

We are the owners and contributors of the site Plisi.org. You may learn more about us here.

You are a valuable visitor to our site.

To better serve you, we have drafted these terms of use and privacy for the site in the Albanian language. We are providing this English translation as a courtesy. If there is a discrepancy between the translation and the original text, the original will prevail.

These terms are a legal agreement between you and us. They determine the rights and obligations you and we have. You agree to these terms the moment you begin using this site.

1. Our responsibility

We try to do our work to the best of our knowledge and abilities. But we do not take any responsibility for inaccuracies or omissions that the content of this site may have.

We publish the content only for information, entertainment, or other specific purposes. We make the content available hoping that it will be useful, but do not make any warranties that it will.

We cannot affirm that the information you may find on this site or through this site is always accurate and complete. Nor do we promise that the content will remain available for you to access it in the future.

We hold no liability for any losses, injuries, or damages that may be caused from the site’s content.

2. The right to privacy

We value your right to privacy, and we try to protect it by carefully following these rules:

a. Personal data

This site does not share your data with third parties, nor does it automatically save any data from your visit, except for data necessary to count you as a visitor, to count the visits to each page that you load, and to record the country from which you access the site.

We are unable — even if we wished — to use these data to identify you personally. We do not store your IP address.

We store your email address when you give it to us, and we use it only when doing so is necessary to:

(1) Verify that the comments we received on the site on your behalf are authentic;

(2) Confirm your registration on the site as a regular reader and commenter; or

(3) Send you notifications for new posts as long as you have subscribed to receive such notifications.

You have the right to unsubscribe from the notifications at any time by following the link to unsubscribe at the bottom of the email message that you receive from us.

b. Cookies

This site uses cookies to provide a better experience for the visitors. Cookies are pieces of data that are saved on your device whenever you visit a site. They contain information you enter manually or data that are saved automatically. The purpose of cookies is that you do not have to provide the same data again when you revisit the site.

For example, this site saves a cookie on your device to remember that you have agreed to the terms of use and privacy. Third party tools may use cookies to count the number of shares on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) and to make it easier to access the comment system.

Under the laws of the European Union, site administrators should ask for permission to use cookies. You may turn these cookies off any time by changing the settings on your web browser.

We hold no liability for the content of the site that is republished on other sites without our permission.

c. Acknowledgement of donors

We do not provide a medium for self-praise to third parties. We only mention donors by name, describe their activities as independently as possible, and provide their address and contact information.

We mention our donors to all our visitors indiscriminately. We do not take into consideration the location or other characteristics of the donors or visitors.

To protect your privacy, we do not use targeted advertising. This method of marketing makes it possible to advertise more efficiently, by determining where the ad viewers are located and what they are interested in. But the method infringes on the right to privacy, because it tracks who is doing what online in order to know what to advertise to each.

3. Copyright

We believe in the free dissemination of knowledge and ideas. But we also respect the rights of an author.

We reserve all our rights to our work, except for when we expressly permit free copying or redistributing of a part of the content.

We welcome you to let us know if you believe that we have published your copyrighted work without your permission. We will make reasonable efforts to remove the content published without permission.

We hold no liability for the content of this site that is republished on other sites without our permission.

4. Applicable law

These terms of use and privacy are governed by the laws of the Republic of Kosovo.

Any disputes arising from this site will be resolved in Kosovo. We agree to resolve disputes through arbitration before the Kosovo Permanent Tribunal of Arbitration in Prishtina.

5. Changes to the terms

We may change these terms of use and privacy at any time and without notice. They were last updated on October 25, 2015.

6. Contact

For questions or comments, contact the site’s administrator by filling out the contact form or sending an email to o[at]Plisi.org.