About Us

Plisi or Plisi.org is a site committed to citizenship in general and ethnic Albanians in particular. This English-language site is a branch of the main and more extensive publication in Albanian.

Founded on Albania’s independence centennial on November 28, 2012, Plisi was named after the Albanian white cap, which served a symbol of free men since ancient times.

As a medium, Plisi seeks to bring together Albanian and international writers regardless of their views. The site’s content include the blog on Albanian heritage and current issues, an electronic library, and other useful things.

As a non-conformist site, Plisi provides room for ideas and efforts that may not find support elsewhere. The opinions expressed belong to the individual author. If the author isn’t mentioned, the site’s administrator is responsible for the content.

Plisi respects the rights of the author. The copyright on the content belongs to the authors severally. When possible, Plisi permits copying of the content under certain terms.

By using this site, you agree to its Terms of Use and Privacy. For questions or comments, complete the contact form or email o[at]Plisi.org.